21st Annual CUNA HR/TD Council Conference

2015 Loews Hotel | Hollywood, CA | April 22 – 25


  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Jackie Freiberg Motivational Speaker and Author, San Diego, CA
    Engagement and Culture

    What if your company had a reputation for being the BEST PLACE, where the BEST PEOPLE, can do their BEST WORK? We’re talking serious competitive advantage!

    You can deliver on the brand promise you make to your employees; it means creating a place where impassioned people come to work fully awake, fully engaged and committed to driving growth.

    We’ll unpack Southwest Airlines’ crazy, yet very purposeful recipe for creating one of the most productive workforces in the world with 37 consecutive years of profitability. The greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation boasts a culture in which 35,000+ people are fully committed and inspired to achieve extremely high productivity, service, safety and financial objectives. This is an exciting, behind-the-scenes look into an all-American, yet globally recognized brand that will help you create your own blueprint for success.


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