2017 CUNA CEO Council Conference

CU CEO 2 CU CEO: A National Conference for Credit Union CEOs


2017 Conference Speaker Biographical Sketches


  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Jeffrey Downs Regional Practice Leader, FranklinCovey, The 4 Disciplines of Execution
    Strategy Execution – Achieving Organizational Excellence; CEO Perspectives

    Strategy without proper execution is not worth the paper it is written on… Every leader’s #1 challenge: execution -- i.e. successfully and consistently achieving the organization’s key strategic goals, moving beyond “the vision” into the flawless execution of strategy. The imperative for CEOs is to develop and execute strategy to achieve success. Sound familiar? We’ll zero in on strategy execution and the keys to growth and success.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Gian Paul Gonzalez Public Speaker & Executive Director Hope & Future Youth Center

    Motivating teams - personal leadership, the power of commitment and what it means to be All In.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Randy Harrington, PhD Founder and CEO of Strategic Arts and Sciences
    Envisioning the Future – Evolving, Adapting & Succeeding—A View Beyond Technology

    Technology transitions are table stakes. The real challenge is developing an organization that can actively leverage the potential of the digital world—and serve an increasingly elusive and demanding membership base. Harrington offers clarity and direction in a world where everything is important all the time.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Rob Monroe Former Navy Seal Officer; Founder and Director Redfin Risk Management
    Successful Teams - Alignment, Shared Goals and Working at the Highest Levels

    When it comes to excellence in teams, Navy Seals are as elite as it gets. Monroe will share fascinating insights and valuable principles that Seals as operators use in planning, leading a team and depending on others working for team success.



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