20th Annual CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference

The Arizona Biltmore | Phoenix, AZ | October 1 – 4, 2017




  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Jason Dorsey Millenial and Gen Z Expert. Best Selling author Unlock The Power Of Generations To Grow Your Business
    Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking the Power of Generations to Grow Your Business

    We work in a time of unprecedented generational challenge and change. Four generations in the workforce. Five generations in the marketplace. And making matters worse, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation around generational differences. What we know for a fact: Strategies that work for one generation can be a complete turn-off for others. This generational divide makes your job more difficult and more important than ever.

    In this provocative presentation, bestselling author Jason Dorsey exposes new generational truths that directly impact leaders like you. Jason shares surprising data, firsthand stories, and step-by-step actions. You can rely on these actions to drive communication, engagement, recruiting, and more.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Vinh Giang Entrepreneur, Speaker and Magician
    The Psychology of Illusion – Perspective

    Vinh presents the audience with a magic performance and invites them to offer their solutions as to how it was done. In going through this process, the audience learns quickly that perspective is the key to solving any problem. After all, magic is just a problem that your attendees do not have the solution to. While they may appear complicated, magic tricks are problems specifically designed with no solution. By getting a small insight into how to solve magic tricks, imagine the clarity your attendees will take into the other problems in their business and personal lives. “All it takes is a different vantage point to navigate through the most complex of mazes.” Vinh Giang


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